Specialisterne Canada in partnership with Pacific Autism Family Network to recruit for SAP

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Continuing worldwide initiative to leverage the talents of employees on the autism spectrum

VANCOUVER, BC – Specialisterne Canada has partnered with Pacific Autism Family Network to deliver SAP’s Autism at Work initiative in the Vancouver area. This program, now in its third year in Canada is part of a global strategy aimed at having 1% of SAP’s workforce represented by people on the autism spectrum. Together, these organizations will recruit, train and support individuals with unique talents for a variety of roles in SAP’s Vancouver office.

According to Specialisterne Canada CEO, Alan Kriss, “SAP continues to be a global leader in understanding the value of hiring autistic individuals. We are excited to partner with Pacific Autism Family Network, with its deep community relationships and track record for supporting individuals in achieving sustainable and meaningful employment. This new relationship will help us expand our ability to deliver recruitment programs for SAP and other employers in BC’s lower mainland.”

“This is an exciting opportunity for us to support our network of individuals with diverse abilities into full time, meaningful jobs,” commented PAFN CEO, Dr. Gabe Kalmar. “Our federal employment programs have helped develop the capacity of how our community supports individuals on the spectrum. Through these supports and the proven training model developed by Specialisterne Canada, I have no doubt that SAP is going to end up with a cohort of great employees.”

Proven recruitment model to identify talent and enhance performance

Specialisterne and Pacific Autism Family Network will work together to deliver Specialisterne’s internationally proven, strength based recruitment and training model, which was designed to identify the unique talents and capabilities of each applicant and ensure a strong fit for each of the jobs at SAP. After completing an online application, select candidates will go through an interactive fit assessment process, and a structured training and onboarding program designed to ensure the highest level of success in their new roles.

Throughout the process, these applicants will have access to support provided by Pacific Family Autism Network’s experienced job coaches. Specialisterne Canada’s experience with its business clients shows that recruits who have gone through this process most often perform as well, or better, than their regularly recruited peers.

To learn more about the Pacific Autism Family Network: http://pacificautismfamily.com

To learn more about SAP: http://sap.com


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