Specialized skills to analyze commuter travel data

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Two Integrated Mobility Projects

Through its Smart Commute program, Metrolinx works with workplaces, schools, communities and GO Transit to advance multi-modal transportation solutions that help to alleviate traffic congestion. In the spring of 2015, Metrolinx and Specialisterne Canada partnered to deliver on two integrated mobility projects in the Greater Toronto Hamilton Area (GTHA).

Mining Commuter Travel Data

On behalf of Metrolinx, Specialisterne cleaned and consolidated over 200 commuter surveys with more than 100,000 survey responses. This scrupulous piece of work was critical to Metrolinx’s objectives to:

  1. Extract commuter travel trends
  2. Measure performance metrics for the Smart Commute program
  3. Provide access to a high quality dataset that can support transportation planning and transportation demand management solutions in the region.

Detailed Cycling Audit

Specialisterne also conducted a comprehensive audit of cycling infrastructure at over 75 GO Transit stations to support the goal of improving the overall cycling experience for GO customers.  Specialisterne’s data collection method helped GO Transit better understand the current level of bike infrastructure support, cycling demand and bike locking habits, while simultaneously geocoding all of the GO bike racks. The counts, photos and geographic data were key inputs for the GO capital infrastructure station access programs and marketing campaigns.

Value Add

Both projects required unique skill sets, necessitating staff with a keen attention to detail, abilities to engage in a deep study of the material and sites, to develop and pursue meticulous processes, and to derive both macro and micro level trends and issues.

“The passionate group of consulting staff from Specialisterne offered a distinct value to Metrolinx and delivered thorough end products that not only met but surpassed our expectations.” said Antoine Belaieff, Director of Regional Planning at Metrolinx.

“We really enjoyed working with Metrolinx on these projects.” said Specialisterne’s CEO Alan Kriss. “They’re a great client open to different perspectives and new ideas which allowed our team to deliver great results.”

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