Autism & Neurodiversity Awareness through eLearning

More and more organizations are choosing to invest in resources and services needed to build a more inclusive and neurodiverse workforce. An important step towards this is to equip current staff and leaders with the knowledge they need to support your inclusion goals. By bridging knowledge gaps and building awareness, you can build a more cohesive organization and welcoming culture from the ground up.

In partnership with Distinctability, we’re excited to announce the launch of an advanced eLearning suite. This powerful and cost-effective training tool provides knowledge to grow understanding and organizational capacity to increase the neurodiversity and competitiveness of your workforce.

The first module, released in January 2021, helps build a comprehensive understanding of autism and neurodiversity and lay a foundation for the broader suite covering further strategies, tools and processes to help transform workplaces. 

Regardless if you are just curious, looking to get started or augment your existing initiatives, we’d love to hear from you.

Contact us or Distinctability to learn more.

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