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The Specialisterne Foundation (SPF) works to enable one million jobs worldwide for people with autism (and similar challenges) through social entrepreneurship, corporate sector engagement, and a global change in mindset.  The foundation owns Specialisterne Denmark and the Specialisterne trademark. Specialisterne, which translates from Danish as “The Specialists”, is a social innovation company, providing IT consultancy services, where most of the employees are people with autism.

The strategy of SPF, to ensure inclusion in the workplace of people with autism and similar challenges, is threefold:

  1. Replicate Specialisterne in countries and regions across the world, through which disabilities are turned into specialist abilities.
  2. Make it attractive for companies to learn about and adopt our unique management model and approach, which makes it possible to hire and manage skilled specialist people in the mainstream labor market.
  3. Establish research and knowledge sharing centers around the world to broaden the access to our knowledge and methodologies and to interact with interested parties globally.

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