Student Job Opportunities 2020

Student Jobs

Specialisterne Canada specializes in working with employers to recruit people on the autism spectrum, and with similar neurodiversities. 

The jobs listed here are available to post-secondary students who identify with autism spectrum or another neurodivergence*. To be eligible to apply, you must first complete Specialisterne’s registration questionnaire, available here.

Please Note: All applications must go through Specialisterne Canada. Our corporate partners do not handle applications directly.

Role Employer Location Deadline  
Supplier Delivery Analyst RBC Toronto October 2nd Details
Project Analyst CIBC Toronto Closed Details
Software Developer Camis Guelph Closed Details
Trust Accounts Compliance Officer CRA Oshawa Closed Details
Software Engineer, AI & Cognitive Computing IBM Ottawa Closed Details
Quality Assurance Automation Engineer IBM Ottawa Closed Details
Cloud UX/UI Developer IBM Ottawa Closed Details
Portfolio Administrator TD Toronto Closed Details
Trust Accounts Compliance Officer CRA Scarborough Closed Details
Technical Systems Analyst RBC Toronto Closed Details
Technical Content Analyst IBM Ottawa Closed Details
Direct Investing Strategy Analytics Intern TD Toronto Closed Details
*Neurodiversity is a concept that describes different brains and minds. For the purposes of this program, neurodiversity has been defined to include but not be limited to conditions such as Autism, ADHD/ADD, PDD-NOS, OCD, Learning Disabilities, Anxiety Diagnoses and similar ways of being.

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