Student Job Opportunities 2019

Specialisterne Canada is recruiting!

Specialisterne Canada specializes in working with employers to recruit people on the autism spectrum, or with similar neurodiverse conditions. Presently, Specialisterne is working with IBM and TD Bank to recruit for summer co-op/internship roles in Ottawa and Toronto. 

The jobs listed below are available only to neurodivergent students who have participated in an Employment Discovery Workshop on campus or to students who are registered to participate in one prior to March 17, 2019.  If you have not yet registered, first complete our registration questionnaire.

Role Employer Location Deadline  
Full Stack Developer RBC Toronto Closed Details
Technical Systems Analyst RBC Toronto Closed Details
Cloud UI/UX Developer IBM Ottawa Closed Details
Software Developer IBM Ottawa Closed Details
Technical Content Analyst IBM Ottawa Closed Details
Direct Investing Strategy Analytics Intern TD Toronto Closed Details
Portfolio Administrator TD Toronto Closed Details
Investment Risk Analyst TD Toronto Closed Details
Function Specialist TD Toronto Closed Details
*For the purposes of this program, neurodiversity can be defined to include but not be limited to conditions such as Autism, ADHD/ADD, PDD-NOS, OCD, Mental Health diagnoses, Learning Disabilities and similar ways of being.

Please Note: All applications must go through Specialisterne Canada. Our corporate partners do not handle applications directly.

Don’t see job opportunities that suit you?

More opportunities are always coming up. If you are a current student who looking for a different job opportunity, make sure you are registered with us as a student so that we can alert you as soon as we are recruiting for a more suitable role.

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Looking for long-term employment?

If you are a graduating student or have recently graduated from a post-secondary program, click here to view and apply for our long-term employment opportunities.

Specialisterne Canada helps businesses and employers understand, value, and integrate the unique perspective and capabilities of people on the autism spectrum and other members of the neurodiverse community.

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