New Job Opportunities 2018

Specialisterne Canada is recruiting!

Specialisterne Canada specializes in working with businesses to hire people on the autism spectrum, or who face similar barriers to employment. Presently, Specialisterne is working with some of Canada’s leading employers to recruit for various roles in Ontario and beyond. 

The jobs listed here are available only to people on the autism spectrum or to those who face similar obstacles attaining employment. Click the details links for more information about these opportunities, and to learn about the recruitment process.

Role Sector Region Deadline  
Pharmacy Assistant Health Care Services Toronto/Mississauga August 7, 2018 Details
IT Operations Analyst Financial Services London July 30, 2018 Details 
Security Systems Administrator Information Technology Canada-wide Ongoing Details
Cybersecurity Analyst Information Technology Canada-wide Ongoing Details
Business Insight Analyst Financial Services Toronto Closed Details
Quality Assurance Analyst Financial Services London Closed Details
Project Management Analyst Business Consulting Mississauga Closed Details
Project Financial Analyst Business Consulting Mississauga Closed Details

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Please Note: All applications must go through Specialisterne Canada. Our corporate partners do not handle applications directly.

Specialisterne Canada helps businesses and employers understand, value, and integrate the unique perspective and capabilities of people on the autism spectrum.

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