#First100People Campaign

Specialisterne Canada’s #First100People

There are thousands of Canadians on the autism spectrum with tremendous skills and unique perspectives that would lend themselves really well to all kinds of meaningful jobs and career paths.

Over 85% of them are unemployed.

This past spring, we launched Specialisterne Canada’s #First100People Campaign to prove that methods like our Dandelion model, which work to change the environment rather than the person, are not only the right thing to do for our employees, but also the right thing to do for Canadian businesses and their bottom lines.



The logic is that the #First100People employed through our methodologies will give us sound business cases that we can use to prove to even more Canadian businesses that there is tremendous value in hiring people who think and communicate differently.

In the not so distant future, our method could simply become an alternative recruitment stream that employers are willing to pay for. But we’re just getting started.

If you’ve got ideas, we’d LOVE to hear them! Contact us at [email protected]

We Would Like to Thank the Founding Members of Our #First100People Campaign

The following people have generously donated toward our efforts to get #TheFirst100 people meaningfully employed:

Russell Anderson
David Brooker
Stephanie Arnold
Linda Plunkett
Rachel Lasry Zahavi
Tom MacKay
Mohammed Zeshan
Andrea Perry
Kathryn Rock
Patricia Slobodian
Chris McIntosh
Barbara Fleming
Joanne Winter
Gary Bachman
Seth Henoch
Brigitta Perkins
Esther Spring
Michelle Shulman
Joseph Wilson
Adam Kafka
Janna Levitt
Evan Brooker
Lori Bruni
Meredith Morino
Charles Gold
Evguenia Ignatova
Gretchen Leary
Warren Green
Fred Green
K F Blackie
Denise Brophy
Ian Carpenter
Jamie Gold
Morris Dorosh

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