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Specialisterne provides recruitment, staffing solutions and management support to businesses around the world interested in leveraging the skills and capabilities of people on the autism spectrum or with other neurodiversities.

Standard recruitment models, by their nature, will filter out most people on the spectrum or those who identify with other neurodiversities. Specialisterne offers cost effective ways to overcoming the challenges that businesses face by giving them access to a talent pool that is largely untapped.

To be successful, you need to be able to find the right people for positions that become available. You also need to continue to develop management practices and environments that will foster success in your employees and the teams that they work in. Specialisterne Canada can help you do that.

We’re flexible in the way that we work with you. With services that range from staffing to consulting, Specialisterne Canada has customizable engagement models that will help you achieve your goals.

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