Financial Analysis, Risk Management

Collateral Management Analyst (Role F-1)

TD Bank Group
Full-time, Permanent

Do you have an aptitude for handling data with an attention to detail? Would you be interested in working closely with TD clients to resolve and escalate issues related to credit risk?

Here is what you will do:

  • Identify TD’s exposure to corporate clients by comparing portfolio market value against collateral balances.
  • Work closely with a group of clients to arrange the exchange of collateral on a daily basis
  • Review statements and other financial data to identify specific information
  • Communicate with clients and colleagues using scripted phone and email communications and procedures.

In performing this role you will:

  • Have a Bachelor or Master’s degree or equivalent experience in Business, Economics, Actuarial Sciences or Finance
  • Learn how to effectively use internal TD applications and other web based tools to carry out daily tasks
  • Be familiar with financial derivatives
  • Use your ability to effectively gather and analyze information and take action within established timelines
  • Apply your strong verbal and written communication skills to build relationships with clients
  • Apply your intermediate to advanced skills in Microsoft Excel to review and analyze data


Counterparty Credit Risk Analyst (Role F-2)

TD Bank Group
Full-time, Permanent

Do you have strong analytical skills and an interest in investigating financial transactions to spot areas of risk and fix errors? If so, this role may be a good one for you.

Here is what you will do:

  • Follow a structured procedure to identify areas of credit risk in financial transactions
  • Communicate with stakeholders to develop action plans to address identified issues or concerns
  • Update transations to improve the accuracy of potential future exposure and capital measures
  • Investigate transactions with missing or incorrect data and determine corrective action
  • You may receive ad hoc requests from time to time. These will be reasonable requests when your work load allows it.

In performing this role you will:

  • Have a Bachelor or Master’s degree in Business, Economics, Actuarial Science, Finance or other experience providing a similar quantitative background
  • Apply your knowledge of financial derivatives to investigate trading variances and anomalies
  • Use your strong analytical skills to complete tasks in a time sensitive environment
  • Apply a strong attention to detail to carry out routine tasks without losing focus

Please note: These opportunities are for people on the autism spectrum or with similar disabilities.

Role Sector Region Deadline
Collateral Management Analyst  Finance Toronto ON  May 31, 2017 Closed
Counterparty Credit Risk Analyst  Finance Toronto ON  May 31, 2017 Closed

The Recruitment Process


The first step in the recruitment process is for interested candidates to apply for the roles. This will involve completing an online questionnaire as well as submitting their resume to Specialisterne Canada. Instructions for applying are included below. Applicants will be shortlisted for participation in the next step based on a review of each online questionnaire and assessing the likelihood of fit for the roles for which we are recruiting.

Employment Discovery Workshop

The next step in the Specialisterne recruitment process is an Employment Discovery Workshop. It is a hands-on, task-based experience where you will work on specific projects in a relaxed setting. It is an opportunity to learn about our approach to hiring, and for us to get to know you – what motivates you, your interests and your skills. Every participant who attends will receive a summary profile useful with future employers.

Training Program

Candidates whose profiles are well-suited for the roles for which we are recruiting will be invited to participate in a four-week skills evaluation and training program on the employer’s site. It will include case studies, real-life projects, as well as training relevant to the roles and working environment.


Employment offers are made to the candidates with the best fit. Once accepted, the individuals will transition into their positions at the organization. Specialisterne Canada will provide support where necessary, which may include modifications to the work environment.

Those not selected can have their profiles added to our database for consideration for other more suitable job opportunities in the future.

To Apply

Please read the role descriptions carefully.

Applications should be submitted in full no later than May 31st, 2017.

If you completed a Specialisterne questionnaire in the past, please do so again, as this one has been customized for this recruitment program.

If you have already attended a Specialisterne Discovery Workshop, wish to apply for one of these roles, please send an email to:

For More Information

Please direct any questions via email to  If you prefer to speak on the phone, send us an email and we will schedule a call.

For a complete description of the process and all our roles, download this PDF.

For more information about TD, go here.

To get more information about Specialisterne, visit our website

We look forward to hearing from you!

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