Employment Discovery Workshops

An important step in the Specialisterne recruitment process is the Employment Discovery Workshop. It is a hands-on, task-based experience where you will work on specific projects in a relaxed setting. It is an opportunity to learn about our approach to hiring, and for us to get to know you – what motivates you, your interests and your skills. These are half day sessions that provide a fun, interactive and creative experience out of which each participant will receive a profile that can help them prepare for future employment opportunities.

For Specialisterne these workshops provide an opportunity for us to get to know more about people in our community who are interested in gaining meaningful employment; what are their interests, motivations, talents and skills. Deepening our understanding of each individual helps us to secure job opportunities with the employers we work with.

Our objective is to find the right person for the job, and to find the right job for the person. These workshops are an important part of that process.

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