Post Secondary Bridging Program

Specialisterne is now offering a Post-Secondary Employment Bridging Program for neurodiverse students in Ontario. This program offers a new avenue through which students with autism, or who identify with other neurodiversities, will gain access to important employment experiences while enrolled in post-secondary studies. 

Despite academic accomplishment and innate talent, many neurodiverse students face systemic barriers to gaining co-op, internship or other employment experiences during their studies.

As a response, we have developed a program to help remove the barriers neurodiverse students and employers currently face, providing students with experiences and tools needed to initiate meaningful careers, and employers with the chance to broaden and diversify their talent pool.

Built on a proven model

The program is based on the proven Specialisterne model that support employer recruitment and retention of neurodiverse employees in Canada and internationally. In this case, the employment opportunities take the form of co-ops, internships, or summer placements. Graduating students or recent alumni may also find long-term employment through this program.

Employers benefit from diversity education helping them to create supportive environments while building capacity for managing and supporting neurodiverse employees.

Are you a student looking for work, an employer looking to hire, or an institution looking to innovate?

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