What’s your dream job?

 A deep understanding of yourself and your interests is crucial to finding your place in the employment market. Being passionate about what you want to do is a huge asset in finding meaningful employment. Specialisterne Canada would like to know: What is your dream job? Would it be working for a company you love or starting your own business? Could you take your interests and turn them into a career? We’re asking Canadians to think big and Lydie’s piece is the first post in the #YourDreamJob series:

To Be A Mad Scientist

If all possibilities were open (even the far-fetched and seemingly impossible ones), I would like to be a Mad Scientist. A 21stcentury female version of Leonardo Da Vinci. I would work in a lab/house of wonder of my own design, where I would use home-made robots, computers and other mechanical devices to solve problems, from the basic daily struggles of ordinary people up to serious social problems of catastrophic magnitude.

I would create a robotic arm to plug on an alarm clock so that, if the sound does not wake you, the robot arm slapping you will! It would be very practical for my deaf mom. I would create mind-controlled robots that could safely perform tasks that are impossible or too dangerous for human beings. Robots that would be remotely controlled by your thoughts, through neural interfaces. This could open the door for me to create mind-controlled computers. And even neural interfaces that would allow you to navigate on the web. I would also build an army of underwater drones that could map and survey the ocean floor… okay …. I’ll stop here with the ideas, otherwise this paper would go on for several pages…. or chapters. ..But you get the idea.

Now, you may be wondering why I would be good at this. It is, after all, a legitimate question. I believe that my compulsive accumulation of eclectic knowledge and skills, my natural talent as an Aspie for outside the box thinking, my genius level of intelligence as well as my high level of creativity enables me to have very unorthodox ideas – some of which are even worthy of notice. Or just plain impressive and/or funny to look at. As proof of these claims, it took me only 2 minutes of looking at a periodic table to solve the puzzle that has been driving alchemists crazy for so many centuries: how to transform lead into gold. It popped up in my head and I was not even searching. Yet. For more details, feel free to contact me personally and I will gladly go in details on how to achieve this exactly.

I believe I have what it takes to be a remarkable Mad Scientist. Or at the very least, I will enjoy it immensely. If I don’t blow up my house by accident first.

Lydie is currently a Quality Associate at SAP Labs Montreal, in the Mobile Augmented Reality division.  She is 36 years old and the single mother of two amazing kids: a 10 year old daughter and a 7 year old son, both on the spectrum. She has a college degree in Computer Network Administration and Security and would very much like to go to University one day. She enjoys reading a lot, painting, writing, bird watching, fishing, computer games, solving puzzles and playing with my Lego Mindstorm. She is also a big Science-fiction fan.

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