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Here are the latest insights from our blog on Autism employment and the business world. Stories come from Specialisterne staff as well as our friends in the field:

What’s your dream job? February 23, 2015

A deep understanding of yourself and your interests is crucial to finding your place in the employment market. Being passionate about what you want to do is a huge asset in finding meaningful employment. Specialsterne Canada would like to know: What is your dream job? Would it be working for a company you love or […]

CBC’s The National: People with autism recruited for skilled jobs October 23, 2017

CBC’s The National, Oct 17, 2017: People with autism often struggle with job interviews. Specialisterne is recruiting people on the autism spectrum for firms in need of skilled workers. “Most of our recruits don’t like job interviews,” says Alan Kriss, who runs the company’s Toronto office. “The interview is a barrier the way a step is […]

Disability in demand: People with autism offer employers a broader talent pool October 23, 2017

CBC NEWS, OCTOBER 17, 2017: He’s a former job pariah who’s suddenly a hot new hire, a university graduate with astonishing analytical abilities who could barely answer a question during job interviews. Now the very reason Shawn Bolshin couldn’t get a job is the very reason he has one. “I’m not like, that different,” the 30-year-old […]

Specialisterne Canada in partnership with Pacific Autism Family Network to recruit for SAP February 2, 2017

Continuing worldwide initiative to leverage the talents of employees on the autism spectrum VANCOUVER, BC – Specialisterne Canada has partnered with Pacific Autism Family Network to deliver SAP’s Autism at Work initiative in the Vancouver area. This program, now in its third year in Canada is part of a global strategy aimed at having 1% […]

Specialized skills to analyze commuter travel data April 29, 2016

Two Integrated Mobility Projects Through its Smart Commute program, Metrolinx works with workplaces, schools, communities and GO Transit to advance multi-modal transportation solutions that help to alleviate traffic congestion. In the spring of 2015, Metrolinx and Specialisterne Canada partnered to deliver on two integrated mobility projects in the Greater Toronto Hamilton Area (GTHA). Mining Commuter […]

Kinaxis Launches Program to Employ Tech Workers with Autism April 15, 2016

Supply chain management software company the first Ottawa organization to partner with Specialisterne Canada to hire employees on the autism spectrum. OTTAWA, April 13, 2016 /CNW/ – Kinaxis® (TSX:KXS) today announced the launch of its Autism at Work program, an initiative designed to leverage the unique talents of individuals on the autism spectrum and provide meaningful, sustained employment to this under-utilized […]

Specialisterne partners with CIBC to hire employees on the autism spectrum December 3, 2015

Bank benefits from internationally developed program to increase the diversity of its workforce Toronto, Dec. 2, 2015 – Specialisterne Canada has developed a partnership with CIBC to hire employees on the autism spectrum. Using a program widely adopted by Specialisterne business partners around the world, the bank recently hired eight new employees into a variety […]

Good Foot Delivery Service February 13, 2015

Good Foot Delivery is an urban courier service operating in downtown Toronto that almost exclusively hires people with developmental disabilities. For their employees, GF provides an opportunity for financial independence, self-direction and responsibility via a community to which they are integral contributors. For the business community, GF provides a superior dispatch on foot or by […]

Ontario Trillium Foundation February 2, 2015

Specialisterne Canada receives Ontario Trillium Foundation grant Specialisterne Canada is grateful to the Ontario Trillium Foundation for a grant to us and our partners to increase meaningful employment opportunities for adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Ontario. As part of a collaborative project with Autism Ontario, this initiative will work with employers to pilot concepts developed […]

Employability Skills and Autism – Communication September 7, 2014

Part 1 For someone with ASD, it’s a great tool for anyone looking to understand the areas they’ll need to work on in order to be successful in a workplace. Whether you’re an individual with ASD, a coworker, or an employer looking to hire someone with ASD, it is important to understand how someone on the […]

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